Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gumshara Ramen

After wandering around the malls in Sydney (Westfield shopping centre is a must go!), we stopped by our hotel to freshen up before heading to Chinatown to feed ourselves for the night. I have read a lot of positive reviews on Gumshara Ramen which prompted me to whiz there soonest possible!

Was a little tricky trying to find this particular food court but we managed to in the end. Thankfully, it was not extremely crowded (must have been because we sneaked in before the dinner crowd arrives) and were able to place an order without waiting in line:)

Honestly, there were too many different bowls of ramen to choose from but regardless of which variation you get, you are most likely going to have their awesome broth! Yes, their broth is unique. All the required broth ingredients must have been brewing for hours to achieve that wonderfully thick and rich stock. As the picture depicts, they were quite generous with the amount of meat provided and diners can have as much side toppings as they want. We had the pickled ginger, roasted garlic and chilli oil dipping sauce. Yummy!

The ramen noodles itself were thin and had adsorbed quite a lot of the stock liquid. Consumed with some freshly chopped spring onions, this is a clear winner for the price!:)

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