Saturday, December 28, 2013

Australian Dairy Co Hong Kong

I do not usually crave for western food outside of Australia (because I think the Aussies do an excellent job themselves!) and when I got dragged to line up outside here, I was not expecting a lot. I have seen pictures of macaroni and cheese and egg sandwiches, which to me, are food that I can easily whip up at home for a fraction of the price.

My friend did convince me to try their steamed custard pudding and milk pudding which were on my list of things to try in Hong Kong so I obliged. The 3 of us managed to squeeze ourselves in ahead of the other crowd of people but that's most likely because the waiting staff can seat us with other diners (table sharing is a common practice and I honestly love the idea of mingling with the locals=P)

Steamed milk pudding, steamed custard pudding and nai chai/ milk tea ~ Was sooo good. The milk pudding had the right amount of sweetness to it and it was so easy to digest due to it's light texture. The custard pudding was a bit more sweeter than the milk pudding but still equally yummy whilst the nai chai had a strong tea flavour to it (add sugar to your liking).

A word of caution, the service in this place is really fast. Basically you eat quickly and pay on your way out. They were not cranky or anything when we took a bit longer compared to other diners but we did feel a bit rushed. If dining in does not sound tempting to you, perhaps consider doing a takeaway?:)

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