Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ho Hung Kee restaurant and Paul Lafayet Hong Kong

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I did not expect to be hunting for Michelin star restaurants or cafes but so happened that a fellow friend of ours found it difficult to restrain herself from these places. Not that it blew a hole in my wallet (thankfully!), but it was a tad tricky to locate especially with our not-so-detailed maps. We stumbled upon Ho Hung Kee restaurant, by accident, after giving up on our quest and settling to browsing the shopping centres in Hysan Place. I hardly look at the directory maps in shopping centres but I bet she was over the moon when I pointed it out excitedly to her.

We managed to escape the dinner crowd in time and were comfortably seated. The menu is quite simple and fuss-free. There are not many options that had me going gaga over so I just stuck to the recommended dishes which were the wanton mee noodles. Serve was quick but as it was not busy then, we were not rushed out the door hehe:)

The sister opted for char siew (roast pork) with her wanton noodles. Long strands of noodles were slightly difficult to separate with a pair of chopsticks but we managed to sort ourselves out in the end. I am not a die-hard fan of wanton noodles and found this to be decent, especially if you just want to have a quick bite after bracing the shopping crowd. Note, this place is located high up Hysan Place and not the surrounding area (we tried looking!).

We then proceed to wander around the malls and lo-behold, I found Paul Lafayet, which houses some notorious French macarons that I could not resist sinking my teeth into. The shop is pretty tiny and I doubt this is the best place to catch up with friends over coffee but for takeaways, why not?

The display is pretty and clean. Nothing too extravagant for the eye but still tantalizing for the soul.  I could not takeaway all the different flavoured macarons, knowing that they will end up squashed in the train station and I certainly did not want to blow my budget on the first day in Hong Kong!!

Had a chocolate and raspberry macaron which came in a set served with coffee (the sister had the coffee). Flavour wise, it was yummy and there's still a slight exterior crunch to it. Would have liked to taste more flavours but sadly, time did not permit any of that to happen. Till we meet again someday?:)

p.s: it has been 5 days since I started experiencing Hong Kong withdrawal and it's even more nasty knowing that I have to blog about the places I went to. If only I could turn back time ah wells...

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