Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November mobile uploads

Have not done a mobile upload post in such a long time so it would only be appropriate to showcase a bit of my daily life here. Nothing too extraordinary or exciting really, just a few snapshots of my time in the kitchen and items that caught my fancy!

Decided to play around with using beetroot in my sandwiches. Not too bad and has that nice refreshing feel to it:)

Had a few extra sheets of puff pastry and decided to turn them into palmiers with a few twists and a sprinkle of sugar.

Nibbling on treats in the pharmacy is (sadly) part of my daily routine, which I do try to limit and be selective at times. Could not resist this colourful cookie tho!:)

Bought a packet of dinosaur pasta because I thought it would be fun to have dinosaurs swimming in my bowl of bolognese sauce!

The day I detoxify myself after having too much meat.

Walked into Bottega Rotolo which stocked some pretty interesting goods. I was amazed at their Italian wine selection (so many to choose from and I am already considering getting a few bottles to pop for Christmas and New Year Eve.

I loveeeeeeeeee visiting Adelaide's central market (spot me if you can!). Wandering through the various sections in every corner of the market inspires me and the scent of freshly baked pastries/ bread is just intoxicating. A good visit if you are new in Adelaide:)

A snippet of Barossa valley. Weather is currently warming up with clear skies overcasting the green parts of the town:)

Life is indeed like a box of chocolates!

Everyone close to me would know that I am extremely obsessed with peanut butter. It is so addictive and fattening at the same time, how in the world is it possible is beyond my belief. I used to dig my spoon into the peanut butter jar and literally bite chunks of peanut butter off the spoon (I think I did not spread my saliva around, so have no fear:)

Walking to uni was not a therapeutic ritual in the past as it meant that I have to brave the extreme rain/ cold/ sun for at least 20 minutes before arriving to class. And uni reminded me of assignments, exams and projects..something that leaves much to be desired. However, this perspective did change after leaving uni in 2011 and nowadays, I look forward to strolling down this forgotten path. Ahh the good ol'days:)

I have been filling myself with vegetables at night lately (with a side of chilli sauce) and I think it keeps me full throughout the night as I can eat heaps of it with not too much calorie gain and it helps keep my digestive system in place. Win!!

Assembling the strawberry, watermelon and rosewater cake. Not an easy task!

My experimenting with nailpolishes continues as usual. Managed to test Ciate's caviar nailpolish, courtesy of Burnside Village and it did look pretty but the caviar colours somehow diluted (?) after I applied a topcoat. Was a bit disappointed because it did stuck on pretty well.

My pharmacy does stocked a nice range of Napoleon Perdis cosmetics and I am excited to play around with them. Not only are the colours attractive but the quality and design of every item is practical for everyday use. In terms of price, it probably costs a fraction of what you would usually spend on luxurious cosmetic brands and best part is, there are always in store promotions and gifts with purchases. Do give it a go!

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