Monday, December 30, 2013

Aberdeen Fishball and Noodles restaurant Hong Kong

After aimlessly wandering around the Ladies Market along Tung Choi Street, the gang and I decided it's time to feed out tummies with some food but trouble is, we have no idea where to go and would preferably avoid waiting in line. A few turns around the corner and voila, we found ourselves this place. We have never heard of this place before but according to my research, Aberdeen is the fishing suburb of Hong Kong so perhaps there's some yummy seafood inspired dishes there?:)

The interior decor is very modern and I hardly notice any seniors/ older generation groupies here. Most of the diners are young hipsters like us. Not that it matters on an empty stomach, just an observation hehe.

The menu has pictures which makes it easy for people who can't read Chinese order food. There were so many options to choose from and we decided on having something broth-y to rehydrate ourselves with.

Lemon tea ~ The teas in Hong Kong are very aromatic, perhaps because the tea leaves must have been infused in a particular pot of water for hours. One of my travel companies was so terrified of her previous experience overseas that she only opts to drink warm drinks (kills the bugs if there are any!)

I had to have nai chai/ milk tea with ice. So refreshingly yummy!

Toasted bread with butter and condensed milk ~ what a sinful combination but it was soo good. Fats obviously taste good, durh. Farewell days of running after work, hello sweet treats:)

Roast pork loin ~ this was our appetizer and it was also equally delicious. The meat was cooked well and was still juicy. So so good.

Fried grouper with tomato and cheese baked rice ~ I have tried something similar before in Adelaide but it somewhat did not leave me satisfied. This time round, I decided to give it another chance and this must have been redemption for it. My bowl of rice arrived piping hot, with loads of sliced tomatoes and fried grouper fillets topped with a small mountain of cheese. The fish was fresh, no stinky stench attached! Yeeeha!!!

Meatball with vermicelli noodles ~ a simple dish but look at the intense broth colour!

Fishball with vermicelli noodles ~ this must have been the best dish of the night. The fishballs were very spongy and well-seasoned. I am missing fishball noodles from Malaysia way too much after this excursion.

Do give this place a go if you are nearby! I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed..unless if you have actually went to Aberdeen as I have not so no comparisons happening yet!;)

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