Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oo's Kitchen

The boy was craving for Asian food that is similar to what we usually get back in Malaysia and so when a friend recommended him to try out this place, he was begging me to come here. Me being me was in my care-free after work mode so anything yummy is welcomed.

The dine-in area is not particularly big but it can comfortably seat 20 diners. Menu-wise, it's kept simple and straight to the point aka no beating around the bush for authentic favourites. However, I do caution some diners that there are a few dishes that may be a little too pungent/ overpowering to handle and hence, please do check with the waiter/waitress when placing your orders.

Okra stir fried in sambal ikan bilis/anchovies ~ the chef made all the dishes that we had that night based on a family recipe that had been passed on from generations ago. All the sauces are made from scratch, which, is not an easy task and at times, it can be difficult to source some of the best produces in Adelaide. No shortcuts allowed and I think this made Oo's Kitchen stood out from the crowd. We wanted this okra dish to be spicy and the chef happily obliged, without making it too spicy that is;) Was delishhh!

Nyonya fish ~ Barramundi fish cooked in a sweet and sour sauce, infused with a variety of spices and herbs. We had a generous portion of sauce with our fish, which we had no problems lapping it up with our steamed rice. Best consumed with rice, not noodles, please.

Sambal petai ~ this was something that dad used to make when I was much younger, much to my dismay. I was not a big fan of this vegetable and often wonder how could mum binge on them. It seems that growing up had somehow made my tastebuds more "mature"? Nevertheless, this dish is a must have especially if you're from southeast Asia and for the rest of my readers, order this at your own risk. It is an acquired taste but satisfying once you appreciate it:)

Lamb kalalay curry ~ slow cooked meat always brings back childhood memories and nothing beats having soft, melt-in-your-mouth meat pieces with rice. For those of us with braces or recently had oral surgery, this is probably your saviour.

Durian puff ~ the boy was in the mood for something sweet (surprise surprise) and given the choice between durian and kaya puff, there was only one clear winner. Thumbs up for using real durian here as it did made a huge difference. The creamy and rich durian filling was the perfect way to end our dining experience here:)

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