Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pierre Herme Hong Kong

When I found out that Pierre Herme was in the vicinity of the mall that I was in, I bee-lined to the directory to suss out which floor it was on. I had been on a macaron diet for months now and could not wait to sink my teeth into one. I did not manage to snap pictures of the shop but it is pretty posh. Pretty displays and a very distractingly delicious looking front counter filled with macarons.

The macarons are sold based on sets of 3, 6, 12 or 24. As it was a once off event, I thought that 3 macarons won't satisfy me so I opted for 12 and I got to choose the packaging cover. Mind you, all of the boxes are so pretty but I stuck to the one which would remind me of Hong Kong (think of it as a souvenir!). They were pretty expensive macarons, much more than the average macaron in Melbourne (and the ones in Melbourne are pretty good too!) but as I mentioned before, a once off event. No second thoughts.

There were so many flavours to choose from which left me starstruck and so, the shop assistant offered to help me pick a few flavours, taking into account which flavour I prefer. She did provide me with a little leaflet of what flavours were in the box. Always helpful:)

Look how carefully packed the macarons were. I was zooming around Hong Kong and must have bumped into a few things along the way but thankfully for the plastic cover protecting the macarons, not a single crack was detected! Mega love!

It would be difficult to elaborate on all the flavours because all of them are equally good. A slightly crunchy outer layer with a very very moist inner shell texture, filled with some of the most delicious, robust flavours I have tasted. Pierre Herme's signature rose macaron is a must try and I am sure the shop assistants will point that out to you:)

Overall, I was in sugar heaven. Just look at that to-die-for texture. A must try in Hong Kong of you are a macaron fan like me:)

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