Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yee Shun Dairy Company

I had this place on my list and was surprised to find it just about the Venetian casino..such a convenient location and if I am in a really sloth mode, I could have easily stayed in the hotel room for the whole day and just head to their food court for meals! A well planned out building it was but I shall save the stories until I blog about it later.

This is probably not the original shop but will have to suffice for us hungry tourists at 10pm. Ordered their recommended steamed milk pudding, custard pudding and had nai chai/ milk tea which was not too expensive in total.

The steamed milk pudding was alright although I preferred the one from Australian Dairy co. My friend did second this thought after tucking into her custard pudding. The milk tea tasted fine to me but the sister hinted that it did not have a strong brewed tea flavour to it. Next time I am in Hong Kong, I shall give it another go for the real deal;)

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