Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tai Cheong Bakery, Lan Fong Yuen and Kee Wah Bakery Hong Kong

Second last day in Hong Kong and I decided to go crazy exploring the island by train hopping and walking every corner of the city until I exhaust myself #dedication

After a heavy breakfast session at Tsui Wah Restaurant, I wandered around Central in search of an interesting location that I can snap pictures of and strangely enough, this lead me to Tai Cheong Bakery, another notoriously good bakery that houses some pretty good egg tarts. As usual, there is a small line to get past before getting my hands on an egg tart. Yes, just one because my tummy is still quite full from breakfast but I want to make the most of my trip here.

This is yet another pretty darn good egg tart that is best consumed warm. The buttery, crumbly pastry goes so well with it and within a few seconds, it disappeared from my hands. Oh, and I met a few tourists like myself too:)

Next up, I wandered further until I came across a daytime market which sells fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry and seafood. After stumbling past a few alleys, I have found Lan Fong Yuen aka the place where nai cha/milk tea originated from. It is a cha chaan teng cafe that is a tad smaller than the rest but still has a decent customer turnover rate. Ordered myself a cup of chilled nai cha which was so refreshing after the long walks around the area. Sweet success indeed!

As for dinner, I ended up in a Japanese sushi bar as it was the easiest to get into, considering that there were a lot of people having dinner at the same time and place as I was. I could not be bothered to wait in line to enter a restaurant nor was I willing to try something that I know I would not enjoy as much.

After walking back to the hotel from Ladies market/ Mong Kok East/ Argyle Street (no idea how I got there but I just did haha was so much fun getting lost among the crowd) I decided to head to Kee Wah bakery for some good ol' traditional wife biscuits/ lao po peng. Had trouble picking which flavour I liked better so got all of them but in the mini version hehe. Brought them home, then headed to the nearby convenience store (such a good place to see what type of groceries the locals buy) and browsed the aisles before deciding to walk away with a bottle of Lipton milk tea, made in Japan woo hoo.

Got myself the red bean paste, green bean paste, lotus paste and egg yolk wife biscuits and a piece of pineapple biscuit. So so good I am missing every moment of it now

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