Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hong Kong travel diary day 1

We woke up bright and early on Sunday morning and begin exploring the markets in MongKok, mostly Ladies market/ Tung Choi Street but be warned, this place is open for business a bit later in the morning so don't be surprised to find any empty street when you get there. Nonetheless, it made breezing past a fairly easy task.

One thing I noticed was the numerous advertisement/sign boards on display in every business district which probably reflects Hong Kong pretty well. Fast and straight to the point, no beating around the bush please.

When in Hong Kong, you must try Hui Lau Shan aka best mango dessert outlet I have tried. It felt as though the staff had literally blitz a whole mango to produce a cup of mango smoothie. It was so good and there are so many shops in just about every corner of Hong Kong.

Bargaining is essential in any outdoor market you go to, so please do not get ripped off by the extravagant prices.

So many vibrant colours and even more souls rushing through the streets.

Yours truly at the MTR station where we spent our time catching the train. The trains were so fast and is probably a tad faster than a taxi or bus. No traffic jams or having to wait at all.

Avenue of Stars and your typical postcard picture. This place was flocking full of tourists and hardly any place to sit whilst you wait for the 8pm light show. The view is fantastic, if you like city landscape pictures, that is.

The infamous boat that apparently, is the last boat of it's kind to float around Hong Kong. Pretty impressive although if you are on a tight time schedule, I would probably suggest coming here during the day as it's less crowded then and your camera can probably shoot better pictures without flash. I struggled a lot as it was pretty dark and had to increase my ISO quite a bit. Tried flash and it darkened the background:/

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