Friday, January 31, 2014

Hong Kong travel diary day 6

Today was my solo day as the sister and friend had something on so they left me to fend for myself in Hong Kong. I googled up places of interest, taking into account how to get there (drew a map as well!) and decided to venture out early in the morning. It was the best experience of my life and I can vividly recall the scenes and scents that happened that day.

Hong Kong's MTR station is very efficient and after a few days train hopping, I knew which train to board to get to my destination. Looking up directions the night before had helped quite a bit...I did not get lost at all and easily made my way around Central *pats self on the back*

After a hearty breakfast at Tsui Wah Restaurant, I made my way around Central, in search of interest points and basically snapping pictures whenever I can. I found Tai Cheong Bakery and Lan Fong Yuen without much trouble (basically from walking along the same street). Got my egg tart and daily milk tea fix!

If I were to describe Central in a word, it would sum up to market. I came across the wet market and souvenir/ daily necessities sections of Central. There were so many locals (and a few nosy tourists like me) strolling along the hill-y steps with a few cats making a ninja appearance. How I missed that moment.

OOTD: Bershka varsity jacket, Zara printed tee, Topshop sling bag, Adidas sneakers (not shown)

I thought it was  important to wear clothes that enables me to move around freely and as it was slightly chilly, a warm-ish jacket would help. I thought I dressed like a typical Hongkie, what do you think?

The afternoon begun with a quick trip to the Hong Kong museum of history. I paid HKD$10/aud$2 for what felt like 3 hours in the museum. It was the least crowded part of Hong Kong and I learnt a thing or two and the country. Pictures are permitted but if you are planning to do something for commercial use, I would probably seek permission before proceeding.

The museum was filled with artifacts that showcased a bit of Hong Kong's traditional practices, local community cultures and basically it's historical transition. The aud$2 that I payed here felt more like a donation. I did not think it was extravagantly or unnecessarily priced so please do visit this place when you get the opportunity as it is a great way to learn about the country:)

The 1881 heritage site was located not too far away from the museum and from memory, it was the place to take wedding pictures. I literally saw 4 wedding photography sessions in progress that evening. Can't blame them as it is a very pretty and classy site to have photos taken.

I ventured out for the last time to MongKok aka night market streets as I did not think I will ever go back again (due to depart the following day sobs). Wandered around, popping by a few local malls and found myself starving and trying to get my bum into a restaurant/ cafe for dinner. All the dining areas are packed FULL of people at 7-8pm and some restaurants even had a long queue of hungry diners. I managed to sneak into a Japanese restaurant as it was probably easier to get a table for 1 and I did not regret it at all.

Was easily the cheapest Japanese meal I had and nobody rushed me around. Just sat there with a cup of hot, refillable green tea and basically ordering via an Ipad/ Tab and if necessary, pick plates off the train. Life is good.

Their soft shell crab was easily the crunchiest and succulent ones I have had in a long time. If you are in Hong Kong, do try their Japanese cuisine. I am certain you won't be disappointed!

p.s: did not blog about day 5 as there was nothing much. I met up with some friends over dinner and chatted with them throughout the night. Was fun putting myself in their shoes tho!

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