Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tsui Wah Restaurant Hong Kong

When in Hong Kong, dine like a local to truly appreciate their culture. For the past few days in Hong Kong, I did not really had the opportunity to experience an authentic due to our hectic schedule and one the group disband for a day for an event, I made full use of my time by reconstructing my itinerary.

First up was a cha chaan teng aka kopitiam dining experience. This screams Hong Kong as it is a reflection of the British influence when Hong Kong was under British ruling. A bit of western food infused into their local breakfast.

I walked past Tsui Wah as I was strolling around Central and decided to duck in for a quick bite. Found myself comfortably seated among the locals who were mostly reading the morning newspaper or chatting away. Had a look at their set menus which consisted of 3 components and I wondered if I was able to finish this off by myself.

Macaroni with ham and fake abalone ~ saw a lady having this at Australian Dairy Co and thought it was only appropriate to experience this for myself. Nothing much to rave about but it must have been a hit back in those days after the British brought this over:)

Nai cha/ milk tea ~ for an extra few cents, you can opt for a chilled version but I stuck to the hot one as it was slightly cold that day. Had a nice tea brew in it and all it needed was just a few drops of sugar to sweeten it up. Most shops let customers sweeten up their nai cha themselves as it is an individual preference.

Freshly baked bun served with sunny side up egg ~ just like how I remembered it back in Malaysia.

Yes, I was filled up after finishing off this set meal by myself but it was not difficult to digest and I liked the idea of a few small side dishes for breakfast..very inviting and definitely a must try experience if you're in Hong Kong

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