Friday, January 24, 2014

Hong Kong travel diary day 4

Our 4th day in Hong Kong begun with a maniac rush to the ferry station to purchase tickets to Macau. From memory, it costs about $25 per person for a one way ticket although you could possibly purchase a return ticket for the same day. Maniac meaning that there were so many people rushing and literally filled the entire floor which made it difficult to move around. We managed to get the our tickets at the right time and decided to sit around in Starbucks whilst waiting to meet up a friend.

I love Starbuck's green tea latte. It tastes so much better in Hong Kong for some unknown reason! New mission in life? To sample Starbucks wherever I go haha.

We got to our Venetian hotel via the convenient buses provided by the casino hotels. One could easily catch the wrong bus and make their way back to the starting point without having to pay a penny. Not too bad considering these hotels can be a bit costly if you are on a tight budget. Not forgetting to mention that these buses do drop you off at certain tourist sites. Transportation allowance saved!

Our hotel room was *ahem* quite grand, admittedly, considering we did pay a fair bit among the 3 of us. No regrets there as it was very luxuriously designed.

Ate at the Chinese restaurant downstairs which was alright but a tad costly taking into account that we could have easily gone to the food court for some cheap and yummy eats. Too bad we were rushing for time boo!

Got to the main street (think it's a bit off Senado Square) and were immediately greeted by rows of food shops to entice tourists to purchase souvenirs to take home. I must have walked past the same branch a dozen times haha.

Arrived at this apparently famous durian ice cream shop which was alright but if you are rushing for time, may be worthwhile giving it a miss.

I liked how the streets still had Portuguese names and a few preserved buildings which is rare to see these days.

Kicking myself for not trying these as it was quite a popular thing in Macau.

Found Senado Square, which I think is quite a beautiful sight. There's something mystifying about it. Not sure if it's just me!

Ruin's of St. Paul's ~ one of the biggest churches in Asia when it was first built but sadly, was destroyed by fire in 1835. Still standing proud when I cast my eyes on it. Here is an uncommon view for your pleasure!:)

The view after tackling the stairs which led me to the doorstep of  St. Paul's. A mix of casinos and older buildings.

Random dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Was alright although if we had knew better, we would have gone to the casino's food court.

Venetian hotel's impressive shopping floor. A reminiscence of European structures in this seemingly outdoor layout. I had always thought it was outdoors from pictures and could not believe how clever the architecture (s) were. Very clever indeed. On a side note, if you are shopping with cash, change will be given in Macau currency instead of HKD.

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