Thursday, January 16, 2014

Indian Temptation round 2

Call me crazy for having spicy Indian food on an extremely hot summer night. Had no idea what came to my mind but figured, surely this little cafe would have air conditioning otherwise their workers would be too burnt out to work?

Have been here for a little more than 5 times already and I can proudly claim that their standards have not deteriorated since my previous visits. Still delicious, robust and I love that strong aroma of spices in all their curries.

Mango lassi ~ A very refreshing and cooling drink to help cope with the heat. Rich and refreshing. A must have in most Indian outlets.

Prawn curry ~ I do not usually order prawn dishes by itself but this dish had a fair amount of prawns in it. It is a mild curry but still packed full of flavour.

Paneer ~ basically a favourite type of cheese in India with a whole load of peas in it. Pretty decent vegetarian dish and trust me, it can fill you up before you realize it!

Goat curry ~ I find it difficult to take a picture of curries without making them look revolting. The goat meat was very tender and falls off the bone easily. I did not find this spicy at all and in fact, it had a really nice kick of spices to it.

Whenever you order a curry dish, it is only appropriate to get either a bowl of rice or a piece of bread to help reduce any curry sauce wastage. Yes, it is that important and thou shall not skip this step (or regret it for the rest of the night!). You do not necessarily have to order a huge quantity of rice but just suffice. I like to work on the ratio of less rice, more gravy, a very simple theory to abide by.

Roti ~ my personal preference. Warm, toasted Indian flat bread with a bit of garlic flavour sprinkled on it. You will not stop at just one piece, seriously.

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