Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Bar 9 Specialist Coffee Boutique

Among all the wonderful brekkie places in Adelaide, I have to admit my love for Bar 9. In my opinion, Bar 9 does not serve much of the traditional big brekkie or eggs benedict or even pancakes with maple syrup but what they do excel in is creating a whole range of breakfast dishes that are just so mouthwatering good.

I first visited bar 9 in 2012 (read about it here) and was so impressed with their sweetish 90% vegetarian dishes that I did not hesitate to order another semi-vegetarian creation that they have came up with. The boy stuck to his favourite mushroom ragu and orange juice whilst I opted for mocha and a very special treat.

Bar 9 do have an impressive range of coffee beans for sale but I am certain you are welcomed to order a good cuppa if you do not have the equipment at home to process the beans into your morning cuppa.

I had a mocha and despite not being an avid coffee drinker, I liked how their coffee had a good aroma to it without being overly sweet as what I have found from other shops. Went down pretty well! If only Bar 9 was conveniently located near my workplace *sigh*

Mushroom ragu ~ this dish still did not disappoint after so many years. Look at the generous portion of mushrooms spooned over the slice of bread and garnished oh so prettily. Creamy, flavoursome and such a huge portion!

Caramelized figs, goat cheese curd, pomegranate, pancetta atop slices of fresh bread. Please forgive me if I had named the wrong ingredient on the plate as I had not been paying too much attention whilst eating away at this beauty. As mentioned before, their semi- vegetarian (semi meaning could be made vegetarian if the meat component is removed) is a must try if you love veggies and have a sweet tooth like me. The figs were brilliantly caramelized and went so well with a bit of curd, a small piece of pancetta for the salty crunch and the pomegranate. I loveeeed this dish so much that I am drooling as I am blogging about it. obsessed I was with my plate that I snapped quite a few pictures of it. Do give this a crack and let me know what you think.

p.s: I will try to suss out their Rundle Mall branch (which I am sure won't disappoint) so watch this space!;)

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