Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Raah Cafe

On chilly cold days, I always prefer to snuggle up in my quilt with a hot cup of chocolate/tea and a good magazine. Yep, nothing beats staying indoors on those unbearably freezing days except when I have absolutely nothing to nibble on in the pantry. That's when this sloth has to head outdoors to look for food.

I tend to look for Korean groceries during this time as these shops tend to stock up on some pretty decent food to keep me warm. Hence, the craving for Korean food when Adelaide's summer turned into Autumm/Spring mode yesterday.

I could not be bothered to drag myself to the food court in central market nor do I feel like having dumplings/mando on Bank Street. The one place that satisfies my craving was Raah Cafe, which is located a few steps away from Nanyang Cafe.

Their small menu had all the typical Korean fare listed which made it easier for me to pick something. Oh, and you can't possibly miss the little corner of Korean sweet snacks hehe.

Seafood noodles ~ the brother wanted something spicy so he ordered this. I would probably rate it 7/10 on the spicy scale. Not a big fan of the Korean seafood noodles (which usually consists on instant noodles) but if you're looking for a soupy seafood dish, you could possibly give this a try.

Bibimbap ~ this is the healthiest bowl of rice I have consumed as it consists on about 5 portions of vegetables and a good serving of protein. I love a bit of spicy Korean chilli sauce to amp it up a bit (probably 2/10 on my spicy scale?). Mix everything up and you have a very delicious bowl of food in front of you. The bibimbap at Raah is pretty decent and probably comparable to the other ones I have tried before:)

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