Monday, August 27, 2012

Do as I say, not as I do

I can't help but indulge in a bit of randomness every month! The cheeky part of me just couldn't resist doing something that the sensible me would regret later (you will know what I mean after scrolling down). Sensible me is regretting this post and trying really hard to comprehend why do I attempt to exercise when everything would eventually go to waste:(

This event happened a few weeks ago and despite not eating a lot for lunch, I somehow managed to fit more pizzas into me than expected. All of these were taken at the boy's place in murray bridge. Surprisingly, the fast food outlets there are pretty darn good!

Pizza supremo~ Basically pizza with the works..a lot of works lol.

Eagle boy pepperoni pizza~ pizzas for the budget lads out there. If I remembered correctly, this large pizza costs $5 and one could eat this for a few days! Talk about being cost effective as well! It may not be the best gourmet tasting pizza out there but when one's hungry, who cares?

Eagle boy marguarita pizza~ a fairly simple pizza but nevertheless, does not lack in taste:)

Garlic bread~ is it me or do all pizza outlets serve the exact same garlic bread?!!

Red rooster's chicken pieces~ literally the best chicken nuggets (at least that's what I think it is) I have ever had. No joke, you must try it. I could eat this all day but thankfully, I do not live near a Red Rooster joint.

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