Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pho Han

Another weekend in Vietnam! But this time round, it's to an even deeper part of Adelaide's Vietnamese suburb and thankfully, this outlet opens throughout the day from 9am up to 8pm (closed on Thursdays, if I remember correctly).

Upon arrival, we felt immediately at home as the interior is well organized and was not overly crowded. Also, there is a wide plasma TV for diners to watch whilst eating.

Cold rolls served with a peanut dipping sauce~ I just love cold rolls as appetizers. It's a refreshing way to start the meal:)

Durian smoothie and longan drink~ one of our favourites and must haves at any Vietnamese restaurant.

Combination broken rice~ massive portions of barbequed pork, shredded pork, picked vegetables and roast pork. I could barely finish this by myself! The barbequed pork was simply delicious:) Mega love from me!

Crab soup noodles~ an orthodox variation of vietnamese cuisine (in my diary, that is). I like the idea of having tiny chunks of crab meat and fried shallots swimming around in thick broth. Took some time for it to cool down as the soup had "absorbed" most of the cooking heat. Nevertheless, do try it out if you are a huge fan of crabs:)

Chunky beef~ judging by the colour of the stock, I could immediately tell that it is well prepared and bursting with aromatics. Lots of beef chunks for the carnivores in us but also a healthy serving of your vegetables in it!  Comes in only one size so be prepared to share!:)

Really enjoyed it overall but it is a little far away so one would have to travel to great distances (with a little bit of dedication as well) for satisfaction.

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