Friday, August 31, 2012

American Candy Stand Cupcake Cafe

I am a sucker for pretty, dainty looking items and once I found out about this place, I had to drag my sister here for some sweet treats. Surely enough, the entire store layout had a girly vibe to it and felt like a dream home for me:)

A pretty display of eye candy. Can I please sample all of them??

Probably one of the few places that provides ketchup/ tomato sauce and mayonnaise free of charge for customers. Did I mention how much I like the wallpaper?:)

Trays after trays of sweets everywhere!

I like how the chandelier gives this place a somewhat classy feel and probably balances out the extreme girly-ness of the place.

Too pretty to eat!:)

From memory, my first whoopie pie was a real mind opener for me and made me obsessed with this little cakey-cookie duo.  It is decently sized (not too big if you are watching those calories like me) but sufficient to keep you satisfied. Sadly, I did not try them that night because I wasn't feeling too well:(

As if cupcakes do not inject enough femininity to the display, these macarons are just the perfect addition to further tempt customers!

Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting~

The cupcake is neither dry nor too heavy and the cream cheese complements it well. I'll definitely have to attempt baking red velvets in the future (and hopefully get good results too!)

Hot dog with chips~ I was a tiny bit disappointed with the chips because I had expected handmade chips but instead, got packet chips. But then again, it would be challenging trying to prevent the entire shop (and cakes!) from smelling like a fast food joint.


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