Monday, September 3, 2012

Cafe Kowloon

Did not get up to much these past few weeks as I am feeling quite laidback and thus, opted for a simple dinner in Chinatown, where restaurants open till really late at night and warm food aplenty.

I must have been here more than 10 times throughout my stay in Adelaide and although it isn't one of the fanciest or tastiest Chinese restaurants around, the food is decent and affordable. However, do be warned that service can be slightly slow during peak hours so best to place your orders in asap!

Steamed egg with seafood~ nothing too fancy but still a good winter warmer:)

Steamed chicken with ginger and shallots~ the healthy option and plenty of chicken pieces to share. Chicken is neither overcooked nor under-cooked and goes well with the fresh sprigs of shallot slices.

Roast duck~ tastes good overall, especially with the plum sauce but wished the duck pieces didn't have so much bones penetrating them. Would have been lovely if they were bigger too!:)

The following pictures were from my trip to blackbird (again). I was just sampling their newest inventions but for pictures of the regular items, check it out here or here.

Quiche~ one of my favourites:)

Lemon tart~ delicious and refreshing.

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