Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cafe Buongiorno

Sunday night dinner at an Italian restaurant not too far away from my sister's place, the ideal place to head to for something to help us wind down after a party-crazy long weekend (and hopefully get us tuned back into working mode!).

As usual, there would be a variety of cakes, gelati ice creams and biscuits to tempt you with.

House bread~ a must have at any Italian restaurants!:)

Fettucini with bacon in a cream sauce~ simple but satisfying at the same time:)

Buongiorno pizza~ pizza topped with capsicum, mushroom, olives and bacon pieces. Nothing too fancy but I am pretty contended with it:)

I guess I am lucky to be able to drop by my sister's place on most weekends as it is probably quite an ideal food location. There's so many places to choose from and if all the shops are closed, one can easily head to the late night bakery for a good pie or sugar-y bun and maybe a cuppa?

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