Friday, September 28, 2012

Chocolate Taperia

I have always been fond of walking about in North Adelaide as I have practically lived there for a good 3 years before moving to the CBD region. Being the independent, transport-less student that I once was, I often walk to food destinations and when the weather's gloomy and ominous, that's when I would scout nearby areas for food.

When I found out about this place a couple of months back, I was excited and happy to know that there are more dessert parlours opening up in that area. I did procrastinate about going there as it was quite crowded during the first few weeks after opening. Most of my friends kept me posted about their trip here on Facebook and you bet was I envious!

So we got here after dinner on sunday night and was thankful enough to have escaped the oncoming rain.

There is a chocolate display counter near the cashier counter and although I did not sample any of them, they do look tempting and sinful!

Frappe~ for the iced chocolate lovers out there.

Frito~ churros, empanadas with dulce le leche, chocolate and banana bombolini. The churros is pretty much standard but the banana bombolini was delicious. It had a sweet inner and warm banana mash which went so well with the chocolate sauce served.

The background picture is the Taperia platter which includes churros, macaron, hand made truffle, chocolate mousse with cantucci crumb, honey comb shards and lemoncello cake. A good dish to order if you would couldn't pick a favourite but yet, want to have a bit of everything:)

Churros with dark belgium chocolate sauce~ Simple plating style and looks very comforting. I could imagine myself eating this on the couch whilst watching TV during a cold, rainy weather. If only I had a steaming cup of hot chocolate to wash everything down!

Macaron~ The macaron was not flavoured with liquor nor any fruity concoctions and despite it's lack in flavour variations, it was surprisingly quite good. The outer layer was thin and crisp while the inner part had a soft, chewy consistency to it. I did enjoy every bit of it:)

How I like my churros: heavily coated and dribbling with dark chocolate sauce. I wonder if they would come up with other types of churros in the future..would be an exciting idea to play with!

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Office Eater said...

I ate at Chocolate Taperia a week or so ago and wasn't particularly impressed. The churros were scarcely warm and certainly too old to taste any good. All of the dishes were overpriced. And you can't chuck churros on a menu and say you offer dessert tapas. I won't be returning but I presume Chocolate Taperia will prosper due to location and novelty.

Michelle said...

Hi Office Eater, I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate eating experience here:( The churros that I had that day was warm but that might be because the cafe wasn't too busy. I do agree that the desserts cost a tad more as compared to other dessert cafes but I guess it might be because it's situated in a more expensive part of the city. We would need to see how things progress for them in the coming months, ey?:)