Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Oyster Bar

Goodbye cold winter days, hello warm and sunny spring/ summer days! Although spring started about a month ago, the weather was still a bit gloomy during the first couple of weeks but thankfully, it is improving and I am not going to miss this opportunity to go to Glenelg! The last time I was here was probably in March when the weather was transitioning to autumn.

A picture perfect view of beach houses, yachts, emerald green sea water and glorious sunlight

White wine to celebrate the spring season

What better way to relax by the seaside than to have a couple of fresh oysters.

Diners can opt to add a few drops of tobasco and a sprinkle of black pepper to their oysters for a more "awakening" taste:)

We ordered the fresh oyster platter which is nothing but fresh oysters. I am not a big fan of oysters but I can definitely tell that it is fresh as it did not have any strange fishy aftertaste nor were the oysters rubbery in texture.

Just because I don't like fresh oysters doesn't mean I would pass up the offer for some of these Kilpartrick oysters which were baked for a few minutes with a good amount of cheese and sauce. Trust me, the oysters were not overcooked and still retained some "juices" within the shell compartment.

Clean, empty oyster shells. Happy diners we were:) Mind you, there is an oyster bar branch in the city but I somehow prefer to travel the distance, just for the full summer experience, both in terms of sight and scent.

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