Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Montezuma's Mexican

Apart from college style mexican fare, got to admit that I have never been to a Mexican establishment before. Mostly because I am still foreign to the idea of consuming food from different countries (I was pretty much raised by Malaysian food and the occassional "western" food which included McDs and "chicken chops", fish and chips).

 Now that I have finally got my feet firmly grounded to blogging, I kept sourcing for different cuisines that would not only be a new experience for me but to add variety to my blog. Enough said, Montezuma's was a convenient place for me to head to and keep my blog content interesting!

The entire decor is brightly coloured with sunny shades such as yellow and red which nicely depicts the Mexican culture.

Combination dip~ A blend of melted cheeses, tomato dip and bean dip served with heated corn chips. All of us liked the melted cheese dip:)

Durango~ chicken and sour cream enchilada, beef enchilada, beans and rice. The entire dish was quite filling as there is a generous amount of cheese used. Overall, it had good seasoning but the rice was a tad dry.

Tamale pie~ Pure ground beef, sultanas, olives, sweet corn, Mexican spices topped with cheese and served with a salad and rice. I opted this as salad was included and overall, it was a nice meal although I did struggle abit to finish off the pie.

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