Friday, October 5, 2012

Bar 9

Being a food fanatic as well as a vintage lover, I couldn't help but fall heads over heels at this place. The rustic and homely vibe here is so comforting, especially if you are looking for a place to put your feet up after an extremely exhausting week like yours truly!

A marriage between wooden furniture, vintage photographs and fragile jars is probably how I would define this place. With a decent sized corner of the shop allocated for bicycles, cyclists can be assured that they are not left out!

My sister ordered a cuppa of coffee and quoting from her, the barista is definitely skilled in coffee art and made a really rich, aromatic coffee for her satisfaction! I am not a coffee person but I do like having a skilled barista to serve me coffee when I do crave for a cuppa;)

OJ~ orange juice. Can't go wrong with it:)

Iced chocolate~ After seeing how they recycle and reuse glass jars, I am compelled to do the same and managed to collect 2 glass jars after finishing off some leftover jam and peanut butter at home! Would be a great way to store spices, jams, pickles or even truffles (for gift purposes * Christmas is around the corner*). Anyways, the iced chocolate was good and something pleasant to have after embracing a sunny morning.

Tea served in a conical jar. Pretty creative!

Runciman's Breakfast platter~ Mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes on toast and your choice of either scrambled, poached or fried egg. A hearty breakfast to keep you fueled throughout the day. For the ladies out there, the portion may be slightly too much for you so do share it with your fellow companions otherwise you won't be able to make it out of the door (like a fellow diner of mine).

The scrambled eggs are nicely layered on each other and it goes to show that the chef did not use any shortcut techniques with his scrambling "method". The eggs were a bit under seasoned but we weren't too fuss as the saltiness from the bacon complemented this pretty well.

Creamy truffled mushroom ragu~ all of us fell in love with this dish but sadly, we couldn't all have the same dish as we wanted to have some variety going on the table. The creamy consistency of the mushroom ragu and the crisp texture of the toasted bread made our trip to glen osmond road worthwhile. Well seasoned and abundant of flavour, this is a must try for the mushroom lovers out there:)

Chorizo and baked beans~ I can't recall the exact name of this dish but it was on the specials menu of the week. A whole new perspective of your classic sausage and baked beans but with added flavour and a touch of magazine-cover worthy look.

Roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, blood orange, feta cheese, bacon crisps and pine nuts served with toast and garnished with a few grates of parmesan cheese~ I love this dish as it has most of my favourite veges in it and packed full of vitamins, fiber, calcium and protein. A lovely combination of sweetness from the pumpkin and sweet potato, sourness from the blood orange and saltiness from the feta cheese. I really did enjoy this so much and I think it may be a vegetarian dish if you request to not have any bacon pieces.

The pumpkin and sweet potato cubes were well roasted but still retained some creaminess in terms of texture. I would definitely go for this one again if I am around!

Mascarpone cheese, lemon curd, strawberries, blood orange, pistachio nuts, poached rhubard served on english muffins and drizzled with hazelnut oil. I have never thought of ordering something so colourful, fun, festive and sweet for breakfast. Dedicated to all my sweet-toothed readers out there, this is the one for you if you are craving for sweets in the morning!

Having said that, this isn't your ordinary dessert plate either. The sweetness of all the ingredients were toned down in the cooking process but be assured that it's not lost. Crunch bits from the crushed pistachio nuts, tangy drops of lemon curd and fluffy english muffins. I don't normally like to eat excessive amounts of cheese and cream but I've made an exception just for that day. And I think you should too if this is too tempting to resist:)

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Love this, looks so delicious!

Michelle said...

Thank you! :)