Monday, October 29, 2012

Auge Ristorante & Spuntini Bar

Without a doubt, birthday events are a celebration symbol of that special moment when one enters the world and continuously undergo change to shape their individuality. Not only is it a significant event, but also a reason to get myself spoilt rotten by everyone around me!!

Not that I put myself under harsh military-lifestyle conditions but it does feel good to get pampered and just sit back whilst all your loved ones plan your daily schedule for you. I could get used to this;)

The boy managed to squeeze in some time to take me here for dinner and despite having to wait for at least 20 minutes at the bar section of the restaurant, Auge certainly lived up to my expectations. Mind you, we did arrive early for our reservations but it seems almost traditional that all diners would be initially seated at the bar before progressing to their designated tables.

A snapshot of the bar menu, I did not edit the pictures at all but I am obsessed with the black colour gradient that perfectly contrasts the metallic orange shade.

House bread served with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I love bread but I love it even more with balsamic vinegar. The vinegar's sharp, fruity acidic taste goes well with the yeast infused bread and it was indeed a delightful combination.

A mini sample of their pumpkin soup~ I love pumpkin and this little cuppa has certainly inspired me to attempt making some pumpkin soup to help me get through next year's winter!

Saltimbocca di quaglia~ quail breast wrapped in proscuitto, confit quail leg, mandarin gel served with smoked almond and endive. Fruity flavours seems to work really well the the gamely taste of the meat.

Salmone marinato e sorbetto~ cured Tasmanian salmon with fried silver fish, mascarpone and bloody mary sorbetto. I opted for a lighter entree as I didn't want to be overly filled before my main arrives and I was glad I got this. Compliments to the chef for executing a few different cooking techniques here and overall, it was a refreshing entree.

The entire restaurant was buzzing with chatter and giggles from the diners but who can blame them when you have a fascinating array of alcohol to choose from?

Mint sorbet to cleanse your palate.

Filetto di manzo con sformato di patate~ black angus beef fillet with thinly sliced layered potatoes, saffron caramelized shallots and red pepper puree. Delicious and as a whole, a balanced dish.

Gnocchi con manzo al ragu~ Gnocchi with red wine marinated aged beef brisket served with garden peas, heirloom carrots and rosemary cream. The perception that food portions at fine-dining restaurants are pathetic does not apply to this gnocchi dish. I have a huge appetite on most days but I was defeated by this dish, I could barely finish it. Beef brisket had the desired melt-in-your-mouth texture and gnocchi pieces were nicely pan-fried whilst carrots were not overcooked. However, the standout ingredient would be the beef brisket. Not overly intoxicated but rather, well caramelized.

Patate fritte con aglio e rosmarino~ fried potatoes and polenta with garlic and rosemary salt. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Just right for me.

Funghi saltati con pancetta~ mushrooms sauteed with pancetta piecces. The mushroom slices had a juicy consistency and the saltiness of the pancetta added a nice contrast to the herb-infused dish.

Panettone all' augeana~ De-constructed panettone, almond sponge, honey anglaise, orange jelly, apricot puree with rum and raisin gelato. I can't say not to a fruity dessert and I enjoyed every bit of it. The sweetness of the honey anglaise against the acidic taste of the fruits went well with the fluffy sponge piece. If you want to end your night with a bit of alcohol, the gelato was packed full of it but was still delicious as a whole!

Semifreddo di arachidi, in cioccolato fondente, e caramello salato~ peanut butter semifreddo coated in dark chocolate served with peanut brittle and caramel fudge. I'm not a big fan of excessive chocolate intakes after a hearty meal but I could not reject peanut butter desserts. A childhood favourite of mine (eating from the jar!) and the added crunch from the beanut brittle blended well with the creaminess of the semifreddo. A recommended one in my book!

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