Friday, October 12, 2012

Argo On The Parade

Lately, I seem to be indulging in a fair bit of brunch meals which could be a good thing as that means I am not snacking around from morning up to tea time. However, I often can't resist abit of nibbling on sweets when I am surrounded by them!

On lazy Sunday afternoons, I am very reluctant to head to the city and so, browsing around The Parade is a good option, far away from the bustling city crowd and traffic. I have walked past Argo on numerous occassions and despite noticing many customers frequent this outlet, I never did walk in myself until that very day.

There is a whole shelf showcasing teapots in soothing, pastel colours; just too relaxing on the eye.

The atmosphere was still lively and packed full of people despite it being past the lunch hour. Luckily, it wasn't too crowded until we couldn't secure a decent sized table with a good view of the entire cafe.

Bananarama~ reminds me of BoostJuice's banana buzz smoothie but this one is slightly more sweet, possibly because honey was incorporated into the mixture. Nevertheless, was a refreshing number:)

A little sweet treat prior to our lunch. Argo did not fail to tempt me with their sweet counter which is filled with tea cakes such as carrot cake and banana cakes, cheesecakes, tarts, brownies, muffins and cookies. Just too much to choose from!

Argo foccacia~ Avocado spreadm ham, mayonnaise, lettuce, sun dried tomatoes encrusted in homemade foccacia. I can now understand why most Australians are crazy over sandwiches for lunch. The traditional and simple school sandwich has so much potential for upgrade, be it with a different type of bread used or a unique combination of fillings in it. If only I am diligent enough to do it myself.

Eggs benedict~ the hollandaise sauce is slightly lighter in colour compared to some of the other hollandaise sauces that I have had in the past but it was still a creamy sauce which went well with the spinach and ham pieces. I just wished the serving size was a bit more bigger so that there's more for me to savour #greediness at its best.

Argo big brekky~ toast with scrambled eggs, bacon pieces, hash brown, sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and a sausage. The scrambled eggs were slightly overcooked but I didn't have any issues with putting it in my mouth. The bacon pieces were a bit more oily-er but that is a good sign that it wasn't overcooked and dried.

From what I have observed that day, sandwiches were a popular item on the menu so if you do pop by one day, perhaps give it a go and drop me a comment on how would you fare it:)

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