Friday, October 19, 2012

Pizza Capers

Back in my uni days where I tend to study until the wee hours of the morning, pizza was my best study partner, knowing that it gave me energy to propel through my pharmacology notes. During my final few months of being a uni student, I realized that I have lost my interest in this takeaway delight as I didn't need to  put in too much effort to reach the final line! Not that I didn't study at all but I wasn't overly bounded to my books anymore and fourth year focused more on gaining work experiences (which I will never forget!)

Sadly enough, my sister is still on her rambling mode as she attempts to finish her assignment. She hardly shopped for groceries and every time I dropped by to visit, she was always sitting at the same spot, with the same depressed face.

Being the nice and helpful sister that I am, I have decided to get her lunch to cheer her up and hopefully, one that would give her sufficient energy to last until she submits her masterpiece. What's better than having a slice of yummy pizza on one hand whilst the other hand frantically types all the brainstorming ideas?

Pizza capers has been around for some time and after browsing thru the online menu, I've decided that it would indeed be a good choice. It took about 10 minutes to assemble my order and before I know it, I was back home all ready to pounce on the goodies. I have ordered the funky chicken calzone which was chicken, asparagus, camembert, garlic and pizza sauce wrapped in pizza dough.

The pizza dough reminded me of freshly toasted bread except that it's denser and a tad more crisp on the outer layer. Wasn't too bad but could have done better with a bit more chicken pieces in it. Nevertheless, I was a happy food monster.

Vegetarian pizza topped with button mushrooms, olives, capsicum, oinions, pineapple, garlic, parmesan, mozarella and parsley. Was delicious and certainly ticked the boxes for a good, yet simple pizza.

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