Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grace the Establishment

Now that I have completed more than half of my internship year, I can utilize my spare time to further develop my photography skills (not that I have any to begin with!). Henceforth, dining in a nicely decorated cafe/ restaurant/ bar would be an added bonus for this little foodie:)

Spring is the perfect season for outdoor photography as it's neither too sunny or too mono-tone. I wouldn't want to get a tan before summer arrives and I love how the vibrant floral colours lifts the mood of my pictures.

At Grace, I was able to capture some lovely (in my opinion) shoots and I am really happy to get a good spot to click away! When the sun goes down, this place certainly exudes a relaxing hangout spot and seems like a nice place for chilling with friends over a few cocktails (drink responsibly!!).

Ample of seating area but I was told that reservations may be necessary and I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't want to wait to be seated!!

See what I meant by a relaxing hangout place? Even if you don't have a group of friends to gossip with, you can always bring a good book and soak up some good ol' vitamin D whilst you dine:)

Imagine this candle holder light up at night. A really dreamy and romantic sight indeed.

Express lunch tasting~ mini wagyu cheese burger, mini blue swimmer crab soft tacos and leek and gruyere croquettes.

Light and refreshing:)

I love these deep-fried prawns with homemade dipping sauce. Crunchy but not overcooked. Only downfall would be that there's not enough for me to binge on hehe.

The beef patty is still juicy and moist on the inside and the buns...fluffy with a nice toasted top. Mind you, these burgers can easily fit into one hand and it's not overstuffed with fillings (ideal for the lovely ladies out there).

Reuben sandwich~ corned coorong angus beef, sauerkraut, mustard, pickles served with chilli fries and aerated cheese.

A huge sandwich that I could barely hold. Generous portions with minor hints of acidity from the picked vegetables. Chilli fries were not spicy at all and were cooked well.

French fries with aerated tomato ketchup~ more fries for this tuber fan!

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