Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Danny's Thai Bistro

Got a movie to catch and looking for a restaurant with fast service and delicious, yet affordable food? Then head over to Danny's Thai for a quickie and you won't be disappointed!

 I have been here countless of times whenever I am at The Parade to watch a movie and most of the time, it is a last minute decision. Despite arriving here on a busy saturday night, the waiting staff were quite attentive to the customers around them and were very easily approachable.

Here are a couple of my favourite dishes here and it costs less than $15 for a decent meal. They do have fancier fare such as oysters on the menu but we wanted something simple that we knew tasted good.

Drunken noodles~ rice noodles with broccoli, capsicum, string beans and topped with minced meat. A slurpy delight as this dish was soaking in just the right amount of gravy. Just be careful if you are wearing light coloured clothes though, you may make a mess from over-slurping!:)

Basil fried rice~ a really fragrant dish with pieces of chicken meat and vegetables. Generous portion so would definitely suffice you throughout the movie. Or if you are still interesting in having some popcorn or snacks at the movies, would be ideal to share this around. A highly recommended one, in my opinion:)

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