Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Chai latte macarons

No recipes as the macarons did not turn out as well as what I would like it to be..reckon the macaron paste was a bit too "wet". Nevertheless, here are some pictures for you to drool over:) Flavour wise, it does taste pretty darn good except that the macaron shells were a bit of a disappointment...

A lot of ingredient measuring required. Precision is key:)

My piping seems to have improved since I last attempted macarons. I wanted to draw perfect circles on the baking paper but I got lazy hehe..

Dusted with chai latte. I love the scent of spices:)

Making the chocolate ganache with thickened cream, chocolate and some chai latte powder to flavour it.

Has the desired feet of a macaron but sadly, the top is flatter than what I would like it to be:/

I think my pictures are getting more artsy these days, don't you think so? :p

Also, I seem to be superb good at putting the filling in professionally. It looks superb inviting and plump (?)

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Mrinal said...

Wow!!! Y no recipe?