Thursday, September 27, 2012

Earl of Leicester

A friend of mine recommended me to drop by this place as he reckons it is quite good value for money and customer service here is not only efficient but friendly. And that's what I did. Went here for my brother's birthday, for a change in atmosphere as compared to your usual pub food dining areas.

I have always been a fan of eating food whilst watching TV shows (although it didn't help me lose weight at all!) but nevertheless, was fortunate to get a table with a nice view of the plasma TV. Had a brief update on the current news while waiting for our mains to arrive:)

The bistro menu is not too extensive and it was easy to locate our favourites.

I have to admit that I did not do much research about this place prior to arriving and little did I know that they have a salad bar available for diners. You can refill your plate at no cost and the vegetarian and cold pasta salads were yummy appetizers. Slices of bread and butter were also included but we did not want to be too filled up prior to our mains:)

Leicester pork ribs served with crispy, spicy potato skin and coleslaw~ the pork ribs were well marinated with a thick barbeque-ish sauce and it had a caramelized taste to it. The potato skin was not as spicy as I had expected it to be but it does give the entire dish a crunch element to it:)

SC Special~ Sweet chilli, bacon, cheese and sour cream combination on chicken schnitzel, served with a small bowl of chips. Recently, I seem to be lured to cream based dishes and this was no exception. The sour cream was a good contrast to the sweet chilli sauce and savoury-ness of the bacon and cheese mixture. Chicken schnitzel was not dry at all. A good schnitzel:)

Seafood plate~ herb crusted garfish, salt and pepper squid, prawn twisters, chips and a trio of sauces. This dish costs $26.50 and I think it is a bit tiny, especially if you have a big appetite like yours truly. The garfish, prawn twisters and squid were crunchy and well seasoned but I think I would need more to stuff myself with.  However, I would recommend this to small eaters:)

Parmagiana schnitzel with napoli sauce and mozzarella cheese~ the schnitzel was quite drenched with the copious amount of sauce used and although the outside layer of the schnitzel was not as crisp as what I would like it to be, it was still a yummy one.

Mixed grill~ Lamb cutlets, lamb sausage, pattie, scotch steak and bacon, fried egg served with worcestershire, tomato relish and dijon sauce.

We shared a glass of rose wine and beer to celebrate the event.

Overall, service was extremely friendly and food was served after 15 minutes since we placed our orders. Not a bad place to go if you are looking for somewhere casual to relax after a long, stressful week.

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