Friday, August 17, 2012

Tin Cat Cafe Restaurant and Gallery

Cruised here for tea last weekend with a bunch of friends. The entire street was poorly lit and tucked in a little alley of shops was this cafe. Cozy atmosphere which somehow exuded a very relaxed feel, perfect for a chilly winter night.

The menu's front page is quite adorable and although the menu wasn't extensive, I still found it difficult to choose what I wanted.

Garlic bread~ literally garlic and bread served with a dollop of aioli. Garlic was nicely roasted/ baked and bread slices were delicious.

House bread served atop pumpkin seeds~

I am VERY obsessed with bread (which would explain why I can't seem to get rid of stubborn fats), especially bread served in restaurants/cafes. This one is fluffy, soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Mulloway fillet served with broccollini, artichoke risotto and oven-grilled tomatoes~

Potato gnocchi with pumpkin, gorgonzola and sage, $29~ First time I have ever picked a vegetarian item on the menu and I am not regretting it. In terms of portion, it is huge!! I could barely finish this up. I kept coming back for more after each bite and I love the little bits of added gorgonzola cheese in it. So delicious and would recommend it to any vegetarian:)

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Anonymous said...

thankyou for your lovely words, claire and the tincat team

Michelle said...

You're most welcome Claire! Keep up the good work:)