Thursday, December 6, 2012

Swinging Bowl Satay

Swinging Bowl is probably one of the few little outlets that serves authentic Malay food which is very similar to the ones I have tasted back home. Having frequent the shop for approximately 3 years now, I can happily claim that the food quality did not undergo much changes at all. The curries were stil aromatic and robust with flavours, generous amount of rice to go with your dishes and although there's not many readily available curry dishes to choose from at the counter, you will still be spoilt for choices, like yours truly.

Lamb curry, ayam masak merah and vegetables~ the prices vary depending on what type of dishes you choose as well as how many dishes you pick. From memory, this plate only costs us $10 and it includes 2 meat dishes and 1 vegetable dish. We were given generous scoops of the lamb curry and as usual, the serving staff would ask if you would like some curry gravy to go with your rice. Lamb pieces can easily be torn away from the meat and was very tasty. Ayam masak merah, which can be loosely translated to chicken cooked red, which reflects that the chicken has been prepared in a red (probably tomato) sauce.

Sambal squid, turmeric chicken and fried chicken~ I was spoilt for choices and wanted to have everything on the menu! Rather than being greedy, I have decided to skip my vegetables for lunch and went from 2 meat dishes and 1 seafood dish. I promised myself that I will behave on the following few days!

The squid was well-marinated in the sauce and was fresh. In contrast to the more spiced-infused curries, this one was much lighter in flavour but still had a good amount of aromatics added to it. An ideal dish if you already have too much strong flavours going on your plate.

Who does not love a good fried chicken. Crunchy skin and juicy flesh. Enough said. Go try it out yourself, especially if you are looking for a non-spicy meat dish.

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