Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

I have been to Aviary a couple of times in the past and for some unknown reason, have not visited in recent months. The last time I was here, the entire outlet was packed full of people, forcing my dinner mates and me to wait outside in the chilly cold winter weather. We rocked up without making any reservations and swore to never do it again!! Thankfully, we were ushered in shortly after but trouble soon resurfaced as we could not decide on what to have! I wanted to try everything on the menu and all of their little cakes on the display counter. Oh the gluttony..

Vintage-inspired with a tinge of feminine romance fills the air at Aviary. I can clearly remember observing a couple so engrossed with each other that their are oblivious of my staring. No, they were not doing anything inappropriate just that I thought it was a very cute moment for the young, giggly couple whom were constantly twirling each other's fingertips. But once dessert arrived, that scene did change and both of them had their eyes focused on their plates!

I have always imagined myself reading or writing up a novel whilst occasionally peering out the window in search for inspirations.

A-Lychee in wonderland~ lychee ice cream, candy floss, popping meringue shards and raspberry jelly. A fun, wonderland moment indeed as the meringue pieces "popped" away in your mouth! I love the macaron mushroom, candy floss and girly colours on the plate. Sinful but a very imaginative invention.

Dark chocolate mousse cake with green tea mousse filling~ I liked this particular cake very much as it wasn't as sweet as it looked. The thin, circular piece of cake at the bottom lend body to the entire dessert and the chocolate glaze that's dripping all over the cake makes it look even more tempting than ever. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it was a very delicious piece of chocolate mousse cake!

Overall, I have yet to find fault with Aviary and I am a big fan of their little kitchen masterpieces. One of my favourites would be the macaron flower pot which had a macaron atop a layer of gravel made of chocolate biscuit crumbs and a moist cake underneath. Looking forward to my next visit here!!

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