Tuesday, October 29, 2013

40's Cafe

One thing I find strange after living in the Barossa for more than a year now would be the strong penchant for pizza here as compared to other types of cuisines. I used to think the locals would prefer having comfort type of food such as roasts, stews or casseroles but everytime I go out for tea with my colleagues and friends, we somehow always end up having pizzas instead!

After some time, it dawned on me that having pizzas are probably a more versatile type of food to have as it can be shared around at functions, has multiple personalities to choose from and who in the world does not fancy these little triangles? Noting that the locals here love a good glass of wine to go with it too!:)

I hardly have the chance to explore this region after being here for some time but am thankful that I am more outgoing this year (I blame intern year stress). This cafe is situated in Angaston, which is a 10 minute drive from my place and has a lovely outdoor ambience that will make your meal all the more enjoyable. Friendly staff, efficient service and cozy environment.

Lemon lime bitters and spider sprite ~

Garlic bread ~ a nice little entree to start the meal with. Freshly toasted slices of garlic infused bread with a dash of parsley for added punch. Not as greasy compared to the other places that I have been to and just the right amount of salt in it. Yummy!

Caesar salad ~ one of those days where I craveee for something refreshing. I am not a herbivorous person but I do like a good salad every now and then. This one was generously coated with shaved cheese and topped with crispy bits of bacon with a few pieces of anchovies scattered around it for that hit of salt.

40s barossa deluxe ~ smoked chicken, smoked pork belly, kalamata olives, pesto, grilled brie and fresh basil. The smoked pork belly was obtained from a really famous butcher that I have heard locals rave about (but sadly, I hardly get to explore due to my working schedule). Nevertheless, this is a really nice meat lover's pizza to have and the portion size is just suffice, without the greasy feeling that you get after having too much pizza.

Best of SA seafood ~ I love a good seafood pizza and found this one to be really unique as the chef utilized coriander, chilli, lime juice and fish sauce in it! Very Asian inspired and I am not complaining. Generous amounts of seafood added and it was the favourite for the night!:)

If you are ever stuck for ideas of where to head to for lunch or dinner and have no reservation whatsoever, I would highly recommend heading here as they are opened on just about every day and have ample of seating area to accommodate those last- minute rocking up moments:)

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