Sunday, July 27, 2014

Advertorial: Menulog food delivery

This post is dedicated to all the hardworking individuals in the workforce. With a job that requires me to work from 8.30 to 6pm on a regular basis, I am left with not much time on hand to deal with my house chores (cleaning?? pffftt..). I may procastinate doing the laundry or vacuuming the lounge area but I can't escape eating. I am not a meal skipper although every now and then I may skip a meal just for the convenience.

I was recently contacted by a representative from Menulog and was provided with a voucher to give this online food delivery service a go. I have only done home deliveries for pizzas before and this website opened up a whole world of food deliveries for me.

Ok, so here's a quick guide on ordering via this website. Firstly (and most importantly), select the right area that you are living in be it in Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart or Adelaide. For me, it had to be good ol Adelaide, as seen here. Then, you can choose to order food from either your suburb or another suburb. It all depends on what cuisine you are after. Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai and the list goes on.

I am really pleased that I can use Menulog when I am out and about and one of the plus points is *drum roll* there's a timer to let you know when your food would be delivered or ready for pick up. How simple is that? I could order my dinner before I leave my work place and drive home just in time for tea!

We ordered pizza from San Antonio's in Norwood and boy, were we spoilt for choices. Each restaurant or cafe have special deals like 10% off your first order or even a value deal that will feed your family within budget.

Seeing as it was just my sister and I for dinner, we had a yiros wrap which was still warm and such a treat to have after a long day at work. We also ordered a family pizza to share whilst we lounge around that night.

Overall, we were really pleased with the entire process as it was absolutely fuss-free and such an easy way to reward ourselves after slaving away at work. Lots too choose from and affordable for everyone. Do give it a crack!

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