Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Greek on Halifax, Halifax Street

No big fat Greeks or weddings happened that day but we did walk into a comfy Greek atmosphere with lots of sweets displayed at the front counter, easily tempting bypassers. Resistance paid off but I will be back one day for an evening dessert splurge:p

There are not many options to choose from for breakfast which made it easier for us to quickly select what we wanted. Service was efficient and in terms of food portions, let's just say I struggled to finish the remaining 20% on my plate.

Greek breakfast with spinach leaves, poached eggs, sourdough bread, haloumi, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon pieces. A pretty standard breakfast choice that allows you to have a bit of everything.

Halifax scrambled eggs~ Eggs scrambled with potato, mushroom, spring onion and diced bacon. Pinched some of this off somebody's plate and I found it interesting how the chef was able to fit all those ingredients into the scrambled eggs. Definitely a different scrambled eggs version that fills you up and is not excessively creamy.

Saganaki eggs ~ poached eggs in a tomato sauce topped with crumbled feta cheese. First time having eggs in a skillet and I am impressed at how it managed to keep my food hot/warm throughout the meal. Mind you, the weather was freezing cold that day! Ah but having warm food in your belly was satisfaction beyond description.

A little something out of the ordinary routine to which I don't mind tucking in at all. Am still keen on heading here for a dessert crawl, because I am too darn curious of their sweet delicacies and I am allowed to:)

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