Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nosh, Tanunda

"Go to Nosh for a good brekkie", said a local who I dined with over a long table dinner event (more details to come). I have passed Nosh numerous times before but that thought never did struck me. Perhaps the exterior did not project the image that I was surprised to get once I stepped into this little cafe. It was a lot more spacious and cozier than expected.

The entire place was brightly lit with a loud orange colour wall and lots of reading materials to browse thru whilst waiting for your meal to arrive. Staff were extremely friendly and at 9am, I was pleased to see a good turnout of locals here (a sign that a place is worth the morning wake up call!).

Our coffee was good. I am no caffeine connoisseur but I do know a good one from a meh one. The cups of coffee that we got had a strong coffee bean aroma and immediately woke us up from our morning slumber.

Apex panini bread with ham and egg ~ a simple panini done well. Thick layers of ham were just overflowing with every bite and although a tad messy, it was good:) Apex bakery do produce some of the best breads that I have tasted thus far and it's no surprise that most cafes use their products. For more Apex bakery varieties such as traditional German cakes to pies, Apex is opened every day except for Sundays but be sure to rock up early or be disappointed because they do sell out fast!

Waffles with ice cream, fruit and maple syrup ~ reminiscing the past I was when the kitchen staff brought this out. I had the honour of drizzling the waffles with the maple syrup, just like those good ol' A&W days in Malaysia. I was a bit disappointed with the waffles as it was not as fresh as I would have liked. On the flipside, having lots of ice cream and fruit compensated for this fact and that smile is still plastered on my face.

A word of advice? Listen to the locals. They take their food (and wine) seriously. Gotta love the chatty and friendly community here!:)

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