Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ding Hao restaurant, Gouger Street ADL

Yum cha sessions are an option in my books whenever I am not very hungry and in need of a treat. Prices for each dish may range from $4 to $8, depending on what you order and most of the times, this can be frustrating as you don't know how much it costs until the waitress puts the dish on the table and circles the correct code. And if you are hungry, this is not good for your wallet.

Despite my attempts at avoiding yum cha in any Chinese restaurant, it is almost undeniable that every now and then, I won't mind having this for lunch (not usually served at dinner time). There are not many restaurants in Adelaide that serves good quality dim sum dishes. Perhaps I am a difficult eater?:)

So anyways, if you are in town and craving for dim sum, I strongly recommend going to Ding Hao in Gouger Street. Service is prompt, efficient and attentive, a good feature to have in busy establishments. I have a few must have dishes to order but feel free to order anything that tickles your fancy.

Siew mai ~ pork filling wrapped in wanton wrappers. Not bad at all.

Har gao aka prawn dumpling ~ the dumpling wrapper is a little thick for my liking but aside from that, the filling is generous and flavourful. Yums

Tea duck with plum dipping sauce ~ not something I would usually order although I did not mind it at all. Would have liked to have a slightly bigger portion:)

Rice pastry with prawns ~ thin layers of rice pastry that is drenched in semi-sweet soy sauce.

Baked pork buns ~ these buns were a must have. How can I say no to shiny, golden buns that look so pillow-y soft? The well marinated pork filling was too good to resist. MUST order this if you are around!

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