Monday, November 24, 2014

Darac Grill Bar, CBD MELB

Nothing beats the feeling one gets after clocking off from work on Friday..except the feeling of knowing that you will be out with good company. Boo yeahhh that's what I am talking about. I am not really an extravagant Friday night goer so anything too fancy is off the list, also because I can't be bothered to follow any dress codes. And so, a casual and affordable place is the place to go.

First up, bookings are essential here or be prepared to face disappointment especially when there are not many seating areas available. Service is quite efficient in no time, your food will be served.

The bunch of us ordered a few dishes for sharing which is always the ideal option as you get to sample more that way:)

Takoyaki ~

Fiery cheesy chicken ~ on a scale of 10, I would rate this 7. It can be pretty intense for some but it is an interesting fusion concept.

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