Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Little Creatures Melbourne Dining Hall, Fitzroy MELB

Of lately, I have been exploring the eastern side of Melbourne CBD rather than succumbing to my comfort zones (aka places closer to home). Initially, I was a little nervous at the thought of venturing out as previous experience had taught me to be a lot more cautious with what I see online. Probably my second time in this area but this time round, I have pictures:)

This place was recommended by a friend and I can see why. It's such a fun place to hangout with friends and what's really special about this outlet is their beer selection. I am not a beer connoisseur but if you are, this is the place for you (and a few friends duhh).

Beetroot cured salmon, fennel and potato ~ fresh and definitely a good start considering that it's about 27C outside!

Pickled octopus, peas, citrus and goat's curd salad ~ can't really say I am a big fan of this dish as the octopus had a strong "fishy" aftertaste. Not sure if this was intentional or not.

Pork belly, coleslaw and apple sliders ~ I love the toasted buttery buns and when paired with a refreshing serve of vegetables and a decent slab of pork belly, this would have been the perfect match to any alcoholic drink. Only downside is the size so be prepared to order a bit of sides if you are feeling peckish!

Would I drop by again? Indeed and I will probably try their pizzas (ah the perks of spying on what other's are having).

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