Monday, November 3, 2014

O'Town and Pho Huong Vuong 2, Glen Waverley and Springvale MELB

Allow me to introduce the new kids on the Glen Waverley block, O'Town. I stumbled upon this place by mistake and although it was not an intentional visit, it did develop into a persisting thought that finally lured me into the premises.

A Malaysian can never be bored of the sights and scents of anything that is reminiscence of home which is what you get here. After a quick scan at the menu, the bunch of us managed to narrow down our choices and pick a few dishes to share around.

Char kuey teow ~ not too bad although a tad more heat from the wok would do wonders.

Curry noodles ~ A very big bowl filled with oodles of noodles and topped with the usual accompaniments. The staff were considerate enough to plonk a small dollop of chilli paste on a spoon to which, diners can mix in whatever amount of paste they desire into the stock. Very flavourful and had a good amount of spiciness for my liking. Did struggle a bit to finish it off in the end!

Sambal kangkung ~

On a separate day, we decided to be adventurous and headed out to Springvale aka the Vietnamese town of Melbourne. Most shops close at around 8pm so be sure to get in quick. And remember to bring some cash just in case!

Longan and three colour bean sweet ~ Both drinks just as good as the ones we get from Adelaide:)

Pho topped with beansprouts and a few sprigs of mint leaves ~ the stock was lighter in terms of flavour compared to the ones I get from Adelaide. Would have liked to have fresh noodles in the soup but can't complain much when a decent sized bowl only costs about $9?

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