Friday, November 13, 2015

Menya Ramen, CBD MELB

Whilst I do have a penchant for western cuisine, these options are sometimes not the most wallet friendly choices for me. A good brunch session with great company is in my "every now and then" books, of which, gives me even more reason to splurge on that extra cup of coffee or menacing piece of cake staring at me at from the front counter. And of course, a reason to wear that top/ dress that I am saving just for that one event. Admit it, I am not the only one haha.

When I am not out and about in my finest (well, slightly more than average effort), you are more likely to find me in an oversized sweater or jacket, my trusty Adidas sneakers and my nerdy pair of glasses. During this "lazy" period of mine, I tend to crave for hearty meals that preferably, costs under $12. Cheapskate mode on.

Much to my delight, I now have a favourite cheap and quick bite outlet just along one of Melbourne Central's alleys. A mix between Japanese and Chinese, one can opt for a warm bowl of ramen or don. Big portions for less than $10. Bonus.

Pork ramen ~ a bit lacking in the protein department but can't really complain about the price.

Gyu don ~ a big bowl of rice topped with marinated slices of beef, translucent onion pieces, shreddedd carrots and peas. The beef was so well marinated and drenched with it to the extent whereby I can easily finish this myself. I am not a big rice eater but will make an exception for this one.

Menya Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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