Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Following on from a fast foodie week, we decided to hit up a place known to serve up finger licking yummy fried chicken. Just about every Melbournian I have met knows and raves about this place so let's see if it lives up to it's expectations;)

Service is very efficient and I love the concept of free refills on their pickles, used to freshen up one's palate when the taste of fried food is too overwhelming.

We opted for the half and half with the original and soy garlic version. Comes with the option of having boneless pieces of chicken but costs a tad more. Also has an assortment of Korean side dishes to choose from if you need a little more than fried chicken to satisfy your tummy.

Verdict? Crispy, succulent pieces of chicken that is worth the hype, especially the soy garlic version. Would opt for the boneless version next time because I am kinda lazy to nibble around the bone hehe:)

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