Monday, June 13, 2016

Japan: Kanazawa photo diary

After visiting Ashikaga flower park, we quickly make our way to Kanazawa, a town that was once upon a time home to the second most powerful feudal lord after Tokugawa.

Again, both the sister and I were awestruck at the beauty of the sakura trees and how they add an element of spring and life to each infrastructure that they are close to. During the sakura period, visits to a few tourist attractions are free of charge so do take advantage of it by allocating more time for each visit:)

Entrance to the Kanazawa castle - not the flashest castle if compared to the European or Chinese ones but somehow, it exudes a peaceful atmosphere amidst all the flora surrounding it. Overlooking the city and hidden from all the bustle outside its walls.

Perspective - don't really know how old each sakura tree is. I can only estimate when it was planted in the area.

I love how there is something inspiring about every part of Japan from a photography point of view. I am a big fan of testing different concepts and managed to experiment around the Kenrokuen garden.

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