Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pho Dakao Hoang, Springvale MELB

Having had a stressful week whereby I was really under the pump for time whilst not feeling well, I ate rather poorly throughout the week. Just about 90% of what I ate gave me tummy spasms which made it difficult to sleep for a few nights.

I have recovered heaps since then and was so excited at the prospect of eating properly again. I missed enjoying my food without having to worry about it making me feel nauseous and celebrated by feasting in Springvale.

This place was uber busy on that Saturday night and we managed to usher ourselves in after squeezing past a few other customers who were waiting for the larger tables to be vacant. The restaurant looked understaffed to me which negatively affected service - be warned.

Three colour bean ~ not too bad although would have liked the ice to be shaved a little finer.

Diced beef with rice ~ soft and extremely flavour pieces of beef served with a plate of steaming broken rice. Not bad at all.

Combination broken rice ~ grilled pork chop was amazingly tender and has a pleasant grilled aroma to it whilst the pork meatloaf was very robust in terms of flavours. Highly recommended, especially when it only costs $9:)

After sneaking glances at tables around us, I believe it's safe to say that food here is good based on presentation and diner's satisfied expressions. Would have liked to order a plate of fried spring rolls but will have to wait for a subsequent visit - just about every table ordered a plate of it! Only downside that comes to mind would be service and ambiance - not somewhere for little chit chats or for first dates.

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