Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cafe Brunelli

As mentioned numerous times in the blog for the past week, I seem to be addicted to Italian food and am always up for either a slice of pizza, a plate of pasta or even a humble plate of risotto. Thankfully, I have two siblings who are not too fussy of where to go and are as adventurous with their food. Talk about God gifting us what we need, not what we want haha.

Sunday night, not the most productive day for most of us and is also the hallmark of the new week. And so, siblings and I decided to roam around the eastern suburbs for a quick bite which, eventually, brought us to Brunelli. No reservations needed and lots of choices to pick from. Place your order at the cashier, pay  for your meal and wait for at most 13 minutes to be served:)

Spaccata pizza ~ ground beef, cheese, ham, salami and bacon aka the meat lover edition. My siblings are carnivorous in nature and so, this was a mutual agreement between all of us. Generous amounts of each type of meat added to the pizza but I found it a little salty for my liking. I have been on a low salt diet so I am probably a little more sensitive towards my salt intake these days. Aside from that, thin crust that has a nice golden colour and crunch to it. Yummo!

Marinara pasta with bianco sauce ~ Knowing that we have ordered a couple of plates with tomato based sauces, I have decided to order a lighter version, just so that we don't drown ourselves in tomato goodness. Tomatoes are a good source of vitamins and other nutrients but I wouldnt mind a slight change in the menu hehe. Marinara pieces were fresh and the sauce was definitely a lighter option in contrast with the other dishes.

Pollo parmigiana ~ crumbed chicken breast with ham, cheese and topped with tomato sauce. Yup, the brother was keen on trying out parmigiana in all the restaurants around Adelaide. Overall, it was a good dish and probably compatible to some other places. However, I will still order their pastas and pizzas here:)

German apple cheesecake ~ yep, we had to have dessert to satisfy our sweet tooth. There is a huge selection of cakes, biscuits and slices at the front counter, all ready made and ready to be consumed. Not too bad overall and definitely made me happy hehe.

Crepe suzette ~ strawberries, orange and kiwi crepe covered with sweet citrus glaze served with cream and vanilla gelati. A little dry for my liking but adding the gelati certained helped it a lot. One of the fanciest crepes I have seen so far though but not a traditional crepe suzette that I would imagine. Never mind that, it would be a wicked treat for any kid at heart:)

Definitely not one of the posh-est Italian restaurants I have been to nor does it have the best Italian food in Adelaide but for a quick bite with minimal fuss, it's a good option:)

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