Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sri Hartamas food hunt - Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant

The last time I had Japanese food in Malaysia was a memory that should be buried away. As a teen trying to adapt to a different lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur (I grew up in Seremban for the first 10 years of my life?), I was ready to experiment with new ideologies that the KL-ites have sparkled aka huge shopping malls.

Everything seemed so much more brighter indoors compared to outdoors and there's definitely a lot more food and brand choices for the average consumer. All I recalled from those moments were seeing crowds of hungry people enter Japanese restaurants and hence, I quickly gathered that it must have been the "in" thing to do.

So when dad suggested sushi, why not, we replied. And that was the end of that perspective. The nigiri tasted foul and the wasabi tasted extremely disgusting, so much that I could barely bring myself to stomach more. At least the experiment was conducted.

Fast forward a few years, I have revised my view on Japanese cuisine and am actually enjoying it more than before. Which leads to this blogpost because the sister and I had to have good Japanese food whilst we are here, at least once for our records.

Rakuzen was established many years ago and sadly, I have only came to know about it. But never mind that, bring on the food I say:)

We have ordered a plate of rolled sushi for entree, nothing too spectacular but it was a decent start to our meal.

The four of us were game enough to order set meals (value for money!!) to which, we soon regret because we were extremely full by the end of it. My set included a bowl of tempura udon, a bowl of rice topped with salmon sashimi, a cup of chawan mushi (Japanese steamed egg) and a small serve of fruit to end the meal.

There are various set meal options to choose from and the portion size was more than enough for me. Definitely worthwhile if you are a big eater:)

The sister decided to order lobster tail stuffed with mushrooms and topped with cheese. Hmm..not something we might order again as it was pretty expensive for just this piece.

Half of the group ordered the set meal with tempura udon whilst the other half of the group ordered tempura don and unagi don. Can't really rave about the unagi don as it was not as fresh as I would have liked it to be but that's just a personal opinion:)

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