Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Steven Ter Horst Chocolatier Rundle Street

10pm on a saturday night and craving for some decadent sweets. Right. I know a little place on Rundle Street that can fix me up pretty easily;) I am not sure if customers are keen for Steven ter Horst to relocate to the city area as opposed to Unley Road but I am very pleased because now I can head to the movies/ grab a lunch or dinner and head here for dessert or to chill with friends. It's a winning combo, me thinks.

Pineapple tea ~ a very refreshing blend for those hot summer days. Wish I had tried them out in summer! Not too tangy or sweet for my liking with just the right amount of ice cubes in it (not a big fan of drinks with heaps of ice in it!).

Iced chocolate ~ topped with shaved chocolate? Yes please. Creamy, chilled and chocolate-y goodness in a glass.

Chocolate truffle tart ~ a rich slice of chocolate on the plate which mingles nicely with the acidic sauce on the side. Always a huge fan of this fella!

Chocolate caramel tart ~ another favourite of mine and have been consistently ordering this since I first came here. Pastry is evenly rolled out with a desirable thickness, chocolate was rich but not too dense and the caramel added a nice touch of sweetness to it. A highly recommended one if I have not said it enough:)

Also, a big shout out to the friendly staff at the chocolatier. Big smiles, lots of laughter and very efficient:)

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